1. Home deep cleaning

Cleanliness is a vital thing in our daily life. To live a healthy life, it plays an important role. Whether you have rented a house or your own home, or you stay in a flat or apartment, you need to spend a bit of time cleaning your home. Being unprofessional and not well versed with this, maids cannot do home deep cleaning like a professional. Not only it’s tiring, but also it is time taking too. You do not have modern equipment, by which you can go for the cleaning. So it is better to leave everything on a professional cleaning service provider, like us.



We are a service provider; our home deep cleaning service includes a bedroom, bathroom, hall, kitchen, and general cleaning (floor, furniture, window, wall, and ceiling), etc.


Why choose us


We are the most reliable cleaning service provider; we use all modern equipment so that the cleaning is done properly. Leave everything on us; we will provide you with the best service.

Home deep cleaning service
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2. Basic surface cleaning

A home is a place where people spend most of their time with their family. Due to tight schedules, it’s hard to take off time and devote that for Basic surface cleaning at home. From Surface cleaning we mean to say from floors to upholstery, walls, and all the surfaces. Because your home is made of different types of surfaces, every surface needs different types of cleaning techniques. You can’t follow all this so contact us for a cleaning service.




Surface cleaning includes dust, dirt removal, removal debris and dirt from all the surfaces. We use eco-friendly chemical Basic surface cleaning, which is harmless.


Why choose us


We provide top-class cleaning service at a very affordable rate. Our professionals are experienced and knowledgeable. We do not use any harmful chemicals which can harm your object. Rely on us; we will give the best service.

3. Carpet cleaning

Carpet is a very basic thing in everyone’s house. Every product that we use in our house, the life span depends on how we use them. Getting the right carpet is a really tough task. Then what is tougher? Cleaning it. If you do not know the exact way of carpet cleaning, then do not try it. It may ruin the carpet. Hire the carpet cleaning service provider who will make your carpet look like a new one. 




Our cleaning service company is best among all because we are here to enhance the beauty of your home, we will do water wash, detergent wash, hot wash, and lastly steam to make your carpet look like a new one. Carpet cleaning will improve product life also.


Why choose us


Due to a shortage of time, you might not devote time to all these. So what just give us a call. We are available 24/7.

Carpet cleaning services
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4. Upholstery cleaning

Armchair, stool, sofa, couch, and ottomans all these are very common to everyone’s home. If you want long term service from a product, learn first how to clean and maintain it. Many people take it more lightly. But it’s important to do Upholstery cleaning, just like we wash and clean our body to keep it well. 




Our professionals use modern techniques and modern methods for Upholstery cleaning. We use fabric protection, deodorizing, and sanitizing. The best part is we never use any chemical which can harm the carpet and keep the fabric soft as it is. 


Why choose us


Don’t you get time to clean all household things? We are here to help you out. We the most trustworthy and experienced service provider in town. If you compare our charges are also minimal. Visit our official website for more details and contact us.

5. Steam cleaning

Maintain hygiene is one of the important tasks in our daily life. It’s vital for your healthy life. Steam cleaning is means using steam for cleaning. Steam cleaning includes cleaning domestic things. For any type of steam cleaning, call us. We will offer you an eco-friendly Steam cleaning procedure.




Our steam cleaning procedure includes stream. We use this method for domestic cleaning. Like household dirt or floor dirt removal. The stain from the toilet and Oil stain from the kitchen etc. The steam loosens the dirt and finishes all the mould, mites, and other harmful bacteria. We do not use suction. High heat steam is enough for the cleaning.


Why choose us


Why should you choose us over others? Because we provide services with care. Customers are the priority. We use eco-friendly steam wash which is safe for children and older people.

Steam cleaning Milton Keynes
End Of Tenancy Cleaning

6. End Of Tenancy Cleaning (Landlords)

Tshai Services loves helping its valuable customers by providing superb quality end of tenancy cleaning (landlords) services. We understand that it is not always possible to clean the entire house on your own. Finally, you may end up using the wrong cleaning equipment and chemicals.

Taking this into account, we are always ready to provide the best cleaning services. We have received the approval of providing end of tenancy cleaning (landlords) in all regions of the United Kingdom at best and lowest prices. Our end of cleaning prices includes the following:

  • GST
  • Charges of labor
  • Cost of chemical and equipment

Why Choose Us:

We have zero hidden cost. You can book, and we will clean to help you to get back your bond. Our cleaners are fully trained and insured in having the necessary experience to you. We value our customers and ensure that everything is taken care of properly and timely.